Building a Tiny House – Welcome to my Future Home!

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Here’s my tiny house build project, I started it a few years ago and it’s coming along nicely. This video is to introduce you to my new channel. I have a second channel, The Homestead Craftsman, but wanted to put together this channel that will be dedicated to my tiny house project. If you would like to subscribe and follow along, feel free, I’d love to have you. I’d like to have a lot of interaction with subscribers so feel free to let me know what you think with thumbs ups and comments with you opinions. I’ll also probably do a monthly video where I post my progress and answer questions and respond to comments. On The Homestead Craftsman channel I do a segment called “The Craftsmans Corner” where I do something similiar and also show subscribers projects from photos they send me. So feel free to send me photos on my email or facebook. thehomesteadcraftsman AT or click here and send me a message.

Thanks for watching, I look forward to seeing the channel grow.
Building a Tiny House - Welcome to my Future Home!

19 thoughts on “Building a Tiny House – Welcome to my Future Home!”

  1. Sheesh! I love everything about this! I came across this last year in passing though, you came to mind today so I thought I'd check in. How's it going?

  2. Hi, do you know what the weight of the trailer will be? Looks like a lot of heavy materials…

  3. Do you know the tongue Weight and over all weight? Is the overall weight less than original?

  4. Yeah…., don't tack but use real screws, no wonder the home's blow's away during storms!

  5. Thank you fr sharing your experence with us … Can you give some news from you and your project ? Thank's for your feedback. ! : )

  6. I like the design very much, for the size you're making the most of it But I'm seeing some BIG potential problems and unfortunately they are being made all to often by DIY tiny home builders and even Pro ones and that We are about to build a somewhat large version of a tiny hous is designing in to many windows and and not enough or no tie downs at all !!! With tie downs I mean straps or rods going from the upper frame plate though the bottom one and the trailer and tying it all together !!! On your length you should have at least 4 or 6 of them but since you have so many windows in your design you should have 6 or 8 or more windows weaken the structure tremendously and your roof structure is quite heavy too with the beams and the dormer !
    I hope you have not yet closed in the walls or you'll have to open them again, Do NOT Bypass This Step !!! your house will not survive to many trips on the road (even very short ones) without doing this !!!
    If you had only a few windows and only moved it once or twice short distances I'd say OK you can get by, but not with this many windows NO WAY ! It will break.
    We are about to build a somewhat large version of a Tiny house but because of health I need to get part of it done so we were looking for builder to build the shell for us, I could not believe How many do not know how to properly structurally engineer a Tiny house so it will be safe to mount on a trailer? I'm no engineer but I recognized so many problem it was sad.
    Good luck with your build I'm sure It will turn out beautiful.

  7. my girlfriend and I are researching and going start buying materials in January. buying property and very excited to experience this journey. so many amazing designs to choose from lol. thanks for the videos! I will make sure Felicia watches these to make sure she understands exactly what we are getting into lol.:)

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