18 thoughts on “Nelson Tiny Houses Winter Wonderland V House”

  1. Those bathroom wall tiles are gorgeous and the home is beautiful. Nelson tiny houses make some of my fav houses to look at. I can tell y'all really love your craft

  2. Awesome house..every aspect. Sir, I do wonder if letting the viewers know a Woman is living in a remote area is safe. Just curious…perhaps it would be best to use language (description of owner) in a ambiguous manner?

  3. Anyone know about how much it would cost to build a tiny house this size? I know it can vary with materials ect… just a ball park?

  4. The kitchen is exactly what I want as is the bathroom. I love having the bedroom separate from everything and up stairs instead of a ladder. I'm clumsy. Using a ladder every day would just be tempting fate for me!

  5. I think this is the nicest tiny house layout I've seen, so far; full-sized appliances, a full-sized tub, a bedroom you can stand up in. Still, I don't know how anyone can live in such a small space.

  6. Wow! I really like that little house! And her land. And her bathroom tile taste. I bet she is so calm and relaxed….oh how I envy.

  7. This one is still my favorite. I keep trying to find one like it closer to home in California

  8. I absolutely love the couch/bed/table design! The wire was a great new thing I haven't seen in any other tiny home! The only thing I though was not so great was the kitchen design. I feel you could have done some stuff to maximize the space and storage in there like you did with the multifunctional couch.

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